How To Get Started at SVCC

Welcome to St. Vital.

If you are interested in curling at St. Vital Curling Club, either by entering a team, or as an individual or couple, please follow this guideline.

There are several leagues at St. Vital Curling Club, with various times, and genders. Open leagues permit both women and men in any number, mixed leagues require 2 women and 2 men per team, and there are all women leagues. Leagues may also carry age restrictions. Juniors are under 21, seniors are aged 50 and up, masters are aged 60 and up. The stick league is open, with 2 members per team, using the stick (most other leagues also permit stick curlers).

You are asked to view the club’s league information to decide on the type of league you wish to enter, and also the day of the week and time of day. Once you have chosen a day and time, please phone or email the League Contact to find out more information.

St. Vital Curling Club membership

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